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Happy Holidays!
Each year, we ask the Community to think of Lambton County Developmental Services during the holiday season as we try and raise funds for a location at LCDS.  Last year, we raised money for an accessible vehicle for our Maple Street Residents and Support Staff.  We had such an overwhelming response from the Community.
This year, we are helping out our friends in Petrolia at the First Ave Duplex and our friends in Alvinston.  Both locations are in need of a garden shed for storage.  With a previous streak of severe weather, the original shed in Alivnston was destroyed.  With the addition of new garden sheds, the residents will be have more space inside their homes and be able to keep everything organized and tidy.
Please see the attached Direct mail and thank you for considering donating to LCDS during the holiday season.
Lambton County Developmental Services
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