April 9 2020 – Easter Updates – COVID19

Hello LCDS Families & Stakeholders,
With Easter upon us we know this will be a difficult and somewhat strange weekend for many of us. Easter is usually a time for celebration, reflection, family, friends and food. It can still be that, but in a very different way.
Please see attached some resource documents for you, your family and your friends:
I want to assure that our LCDS Management Team and Employees are working around-the-clock to ensure your loved ones are cared for, provided for and safe. We will be thinking of you a bit more this weekend.
Thanks everyone – have great Easter Weekend.
We got this!

April 7, 2020 – Lambton County Makers Against COVID – Updates

Hello everyone,

We hope you and your families are safe and well…

This afternoon the EMT will be dropped off some limited COVID-19 supplies to all locations and picked up excess stock. This will put us in a position to redistribute supplies to locations when needed and in a timely fashion.

Access to all supplies are limited and should be used as directed at all times. If you know anyone in your network of contacts that is able to provide surgical masks, gowns, thermometers, alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer please let us know.

We have formed an excellent relationship with the volunteer group Lambton County Makers Against COVID-19. This phenomenal group is working to provide face shields and home made surgical style masks for the agency. The group has provided PPE equipment to Lambton Public Health, Central-Lambton Family Health Team, Bluewater Health and many local non-profits.

The Lambton County Makers Against COVID-19 group runs strictly on donations. They are not paid and have families and jobs of their own. If you or anyone you know is willing and able to donate please email [email protected] with a subject line of DONATION and they can respond accordingly.

We have also attached the updated Lambton County Social Services Resource Listing for you.

7-April-2020 – Lambton County Social Service – Updated

Thinking of you all. Be well. Be smart. Be safe. We got this!



[email protected] 

April 6 2020 – All COVID19 Updates, New Visitor Screenings, Lambton Public Health Q&A, Health Tracker for People Supported

Hello everyone,
We hope you are safe and well. Many things have changed over the last couple of days.
Please see attached the 6-April-2020 – LCDS EMT COVID-19 Stakeholder Update Memo & Supporting Documents for your immediate review. We realize there is an abundance of information provided in the memo and attached. It is in the interest of keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible – making the next best decision, one decision at a time!
Please find attached:
We are all in this together. We got this!
Be well. Be smart. Be safe.

April 3 2020 – LCDS EMT Updates – COVID & Social Distancing

We hope you are all healthy and safe. Please see attached the 3-April-2020 – LCDS EMT COVID-19 Stakeholder Update Memo for your immediate review.
We have received some requests for information on physical distancing, plain language document on how to self-isolate for people supported and what do and look for when a person supported refuses to participate/provide a temperature reading. Please see the following attached documents:
  • New/Revised Physical Distancing Poster from Ontario Public Health
  • How To Self-Isolate for People Supported (Plain Language Document)
  • Fever Signs & Symptoms (When Unable to Obtain a Temperature)
    • If people supported refuse, document the refusal and look for signs/symptoms of fever
Thank you all. We will get through this together. Thinking of you all!


3-April-2020 – LCDS EMT Stakeholder COVID-19 Update Memo

3-April-2020 – factsheet-covid-19-guide-physical-distancing Lambton Public Health

3-April-2020 – how-to-self-isolate – plain language document

3-April-2020 – Fever Signs and Symptoms – Refusal to Provide Temperature

March 31 2020 – Updated EMT Memo plus Lambton County Community Resource Listings

Hello all,

We hope you are safe and well. Please attached the 31-March-2020 – LCDS EMT Stakeholder COVID-19 Update Memo along with the following resource:

  • Lambton County Community Resource Listing

Today, at 1 PM we held our first-ever virtual Open Mic meeting via BlueJeans. We were able to connect virtually with over 60 employees. We will look at trying to set a stakeholder session in the near future as we work out the bugs in the system.

We hope you are all safe. Please continue to practice physical distancing and WASH YOUR HANDS as much as possible. As always, please reach out with any questions to [email protected]

Be well. Be smart. Be safe.



[email protected]

31-March-2020 – LCDS EMT Stakeholder COVID-19 Update Memo

Lambton County Community Resources – Updated March 28th 2020