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Residential Services

We believe that people should live where and with whom they choose. We support people in finding the most appropriate accommodation. If a person would like to live independently, with a roommate, a group of friends or a family, we help select the right home, in the right community, to suit each personal situation.

LCDS provides a variety of support options throughout Lambton County aiming to provide each person with the support they request.

For more information about Residential Services, please contact of Administration Office at 519-882-0933

Group Living

In this shared living arrangement, support is provided to a small group living in the same home. Hours and levels of support can vary in these homes but typically 24-hour supervision is provided. Supports are flexible and tailored to people’s unique circumstances. Group Living services encourages individual skill development, independence and personal growth in a safe and secure environment.

For more information about Residential Services, please contact of Administration Office at 519-882-0933

Supported Independent Living

Support is provided to self-reliant individuals, focusing on self-care, household management, budgeting and day-to-day life skills. Support can be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly time frame and is dependent on each person’s situation.

For more information about Residential Services, please contact of Administration Office at 519-882-0933

Residential Care Home

In this unique residential option, a Residential Care Worker lives in a home and provides support to residents. Additional employees are hired to offer respite, relief and service coordination.

For more information about Residential Services, please contact of Administration Office at 519-882-0933

Host Family

In a Host Family situation, support is provided in a family home environment. A person or family that opens their home and provides care, support and supervision to a person with a developmental disability (who is not a family member) then receives remuneration from the agency.

For more information about Residential Services, please contact of Administration Office at 519-882-0933

Community Participation

A meaningful day can look different for every person, so we use our support planning services to help each person define what would make their day meaningful. Our goal is to provide an engaging and supportive environment where people are encouraged to fully participate in the community, develop skills that foster independence, and experience relationships that make them feel respected. Participants are encouraged to join in activities that reflect their specific interests, goals and abilities such as volunteering, employment, classes, community groups, leisure activities, etc.

LCDS currently operates Community Participation services in three locations (Petrolia, Forest and Corunna). While these services are based out of a building, our priority is to promote community inclusion. We assist people to gain the skills and confidence to be successful by providing programs such as:

Life skills training through literacy, food preparation, grocery shopping, money handling safety awareness, relationship classes, rights training, computers, etc.

  • Resource Room offers the use of computers, and a variety of special interest classes
  • Recreational activities such as bowling, horseback riding, karaoke, exercise sessions, scrapbooking, board games, puzzles, music, crafts and theme days
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle choices by accessing community programs
  • Community outings such as picnics, theatres, putt putt golf and other sporting events
  • The Snoezelen Room offers people a multi-sensory atmosphere of pleasant surroundings, soothing sounds, intriguing aromas and interesting light/slide show effects. This therapy room enhances sensory awareness, communication and many other areas of development.
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Passport is a program that helps adults with a developmental disability to participate in their communities, and helps caregivers take a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS), the Passport program works to:

  • Foster social, emotional, and community participation skills
  • Promote continuing education and personal development
  • Promote independence
  • Provide respite to caregivers

For more information on Passport funding, please contact [email protected]

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Focuses on the person’s abilities and provides the supports needed to create a successful work experience for both the employee and employer. There are substantial benefits to hiring a person with developmental disabilities. We are available for seasonal, full-time, part-time, one-time employment opportunities.

For more information, please contact Empowering Employment directly by email at [email protected] or call our Administration Office at 519-882-0933

Empowering Employment
Supporting Development
Supported Employment
Creating Employment Opportunities
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Social Enterprise is a business that is involved in selling a product or a service for two main purposes. The first is to generate revenue and the second is to help or contribute to social service that the organization provides. LCDS has been practicing social enterprise informally for many years, beginning with our woodworking business and gift shop. These businesses have evolved and changed to meet customer’s preferences and address economic realities. In recent years we have more actively pursued social enterprise opportunities such as a laundromat, some rental properties and a performance and consulting service.

Our social enterprises currently include:


Many years ago, Petrolia Enterprises started as a sheltered workshop to provide training and work experience to persons with disabilities. It has now transformed in to the hub of our social enterprise ventures. Employees of all abilities, work hard to create one of a kind pieces of art and home décor, plus seasonal items for sale at the retail store the Olde Post Office Shoppe located in the heart of Petrolia.

For more information on what Petrolia Enterprises offers, please call 519-882-2711, e-mail [email protected] or check out the Petrolia Enterprises website.


Our charming, one-of-a-kind gift shop offers something for everyone! We work hard to create a variety of primitive furniture pieces and seasonal items that are handcrafted at Petrolia Enterprises. Stop by in the summer for Shaw’s famous ice cream!

For more information, please call 519-882-0747, email [email protected] or check out the Olde Post Office website.

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