Educational Opportunities

The LCDS Learning and Development department offers formalized learning opportunities for people in our services. We believe in community participation and actively encourage people to attend classes in the community whenever possible. However, when there is not an appropriate service in the community, we offer learning opportunities to fill that gap. The objective is to provide an individualized approach to learning that will enhance people’s existing supports, foster independence and help them achieve their life goals. Length, frequency and location of classes will be based on the needs of each person and availability of the Learning and Development Resource Worker.

The resource worker and learners work cooperatively to:

  • Assess the learners’ skills
  • Set learning goals
  • Break down goals into realistic steps
  • Identify appropriate strategies and resources for each of those steps
  • Discuss and record progress
  • Develop a continuance plan

Topics that are currently being taught are: numeracy, reading/ writing, money skills, basic computer skills, nutrition, cooking skills, safety, sign-language and telling time.

For more information please contact the Manager of Learning and Development at [email protected]