Meaningful Day Options

A meaningful day can look different for every person, so we use our support planning services to help each person define what would make their day meaningful. Currently we offer traditional day options in various communities across Lambton County including Corunna, Petrolia and Forest. However, other options can be explored.

Our goal is to provide a varied, engaging and supportive environment where people are encouraged to participate in the community, develop skills that foster independence, and experience relationships that make them feel respected. To accomplish this mission, balance constantly needs to be sought between: the structured and the unstructured; individual and group; planned and impromptu; serious and fun!

Community Skills Development (CSD) and Forest Community Connections provide many services to help obtain that goal:

  • Life Management skills training through literacy, food preparation, grocery shopping, money handling safety awareness, relationship classes and rights training
  • Resource Room offers the use of computers, Wii, library and media
  • Recreational activities such as bowling, horseback riding, karaoke, exercise sessions, scrapbooking, board games, puzzles, music, crafts and theme days
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle choices by accessing community programs such as Winter Walking at the Legion, Gentle Pace Exercise Class at the Lambton Shores Recreation Centre, and swimming at the Petrolia Oil Heritage District Community Centre
  • Community outings such as picnics, theatre, putt putt golf
  • Snoezelen Room offers people a multi-sensory atmosphere of pleasant surroundings, soothing sounds, intriguing aromas and interesting light/slide show effects. This therapy room enhances sensory awareness, communication and many other areas of development.