What We Do

Housing Support

We believe people should live where and with whom they choose. We support people in finding the appropriate housing to live in. If a person would like to live alone, with a roommate, a group of friends or a family we help people to select the right home, in the right community, to suit their personal situation.

LCDS provides a variety of support options throughout Lambton County aiming to provide each person with the support they require/request which is guided by their Life Plan. There are varying residential support options available:

  • Group Living - providing 24 hour support
  • Supported Independent Living
  • Live-In Model options - paid staff will live in a home providing support to people
  • Home Share options - people live and receive support from families other than their own

Meaningful Day Options

A meaningful day can look different for every person, so we use our support planning services to help each person define what would make their day meaningful. Currently we offer traditional day options in various communities across Lambton County including Corunna, Petrolia and Forest. However, other options can be explored.

Our goal is to provide a varied, engaging and supportive environment where people are encouraged to participate in the community, develop skills that foster independence, and experience relationships that make them feel respected. To accomplish this mission, balance constantly needs to be sought between: the structured and the unstructured; individual and group; planned and impromptu; serious and fun!

Community Skills Development (CSD) and Forest Community Connections provide many services to help obtain that goal:

  • Life Management skills training through literacy, food preparation, grocery shopping, money handling safety awareness, relationship classes and rights training
  • Resource Room offers the use of computers, Wii, library and media
  • Recreational activities such as bowling, horseback riding, karaoke, exercise sessions, scrapbooking, board games, puzzles, music, crafts and theme days
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle choices by accessing community programs such as Winter Walking at the Legion, Gentle Pace Exercise Class at the Lambton Shores Recreation Centre, and swimming at the Petrolia Oil Heritage District Community Centre
  • Community outings such as picnics, theatre, putt putt golf
  • Snoezelen Room offers people a multi-sensory atmosphere of pleasant surroundings, soothing sounds, intriguing aromas and interesting light/slide show effects. This therapy room enhances sensory awareness, communication and many other areas of development.

Empowering Employment

Formerly known as Supported Employment Services or SES.

We support people with disabilities to find and maintain competitive employment in integrated settings within  the community. We offer Lambton County Businesses the opportunity to obtain dependable, hard-working, flexible, supported long-term employees. Empowering Employment focuses on the person's abilities and provides the supports needed to create a successful work experience for both the employee and employer.

All jobs are paid at a competitive rate; competitive wage being minimum wage or more.

There are substantial benefits to hiring a person with developmental disabilities. We match the employer's labour needs according to the skills and abilities of our clientele. This process saves the employer time and money.

Our Service Offers:

  • Pre-screened applicants
  • No cost individualized job training
  • Job coaching to maintain employer and employee satisfaction
  • On site maintenance check
  • Liaison between employer and employee
  • Job Posting Board

We are available for seasonal, full-time, part-time, one-time employment opportunities.

For more information, contact Empowering Employment at their main office of 431 King Street, Petrolia, ON N0N 1R0, by phone 226-738-0888 or by e-mail at [email protected].


Educational Opportunities

The LCDS Learning and Development department offers formalized learning opportunities for people in our services. We believe in community participation and actively encourage people to attend classes in the community whenever possible. However, when there is not an appropriate service in the community, we offer learning opportunities to fill that gap. The objective is to provide an individualized approach to learning that will enhance people’s existing supports, foster independence and help them achieve their life goals. Length, frequency and location of classes will be based on the needs of each person and availability of the Learning and Development Resource Worker.

The resource worker and learners work cooperatively to:

  • Assess the learners’ skills
  • Set learning goals
  • Break down goals into realistic steps
  • Identify appropriate strategies and resources for each of those steps
  • Discuss and record progress
  • Develop a continuance plan

Topics that are currently being taught are: numeracy, reading/ writing, money skills, basic computer skills, nutrition, cooking skills, safety, sign-language and telling time.

For more information please contact the Manager of Learning and Development at [email protected]


Participants and their families are matched with host families who provide respite by sharing their home. LCDS coordinates the service agreement; however, the families negotiate arrangements that work best for the person, their family and the host family. This service is approved annually with fiscal funding and limited space.

For more information about Host Family Respite contact 519.882.0933 or e-mail to [email protected].

Weekend Recreation

From 8-4, every other Saturday, between September and June, LCDS offers a respite program that focuses on participating in fun events within the community. For a fee, people aged 8+ can attend events, festivals and recreation activities throughout Lambton County. This program was designed to offer a day of respite to families who have little or no existing services with an agency.

For more information about Weekend Recreation contact 519.882.0933 or e-mail to [email protected]. Weekend Recreation is funded entirely through fundraised dollars thanks to the dedicated volunteer golf tournament committee and participants. If you would like to support this program follow this link to Donate Now.