Vision, Mission, Ethical Values


Inclusive Communities - Innovative Leaders


Lambton County Developmental Services (LCDS) is a network of people, working together to provide support for people with developmental disabilities in pursuit of their life dreams.

Ethical Values

LCDS is committed to providing services that:

  • Ensure basic needs are met in a safe and secure environment.
  • Promote opportunities to develop and maintain meaningful relationships.
  • Promote opportunities and choices.
  • Educate people regarding rights and responsibilities.
  • Are self-determined.
  • Empower people.
  • Encourage and inspire community participation.
  • Educate and support the community to share the Vision.
  • Are innovative and flexible.
  • Ensure resources are utilized in an accountable and responsible manner.

As a professional support service organization, we believe in:

  • Service excellence.
  • Quality of life for all people.
  • Flexible and adaptable support services.
  • Courtesy, respect, dignity and consideration for all people.
  • Community inclusion for all people.
  • Marketing and promotional activities that are consistent with the Mission, Vision and Ethical Values.

Our Philosophy

We are very proud of our humble beginnings! In 1955 a group of parents whose children had developmental disabilities dared to dream of a life for their child beyond institutions. They began meeting in their homes to develop creative solutions that would provide the support they needed to help their children lead a life with choices and opportunities within their community. Little did they know that decades later, what is now LCDS, would be supporting nearly 200 people and their families in that same mission!

It is the philosophy of LCDS to provide support that will enhance the development of meaningful relationships, inclusive communities, and valued community roles for everyone. We believe that we cannot provide services one way for all people - but that all people deserve to receive services their way. We believe that the best way to provide support is unique to each person. We believe the best approach is One Person at a Time.