In 2005, our 50th Anniversary marked the launch of the LCDS Foundation. In 2007 we created a formal fundraising department that is building a presence for LCDS in our community, fostering important relationships and cultivating a growing donor base. Using fundraising campaigns such as Annual, Planned Giving and Capital, the Foundation will support LCDS in fulfilling its mission.

The Foundation is dedicated to raising financial resources for LCDS through ethical practice, diligent stewardship and thoughtful cultivation and recognition.

The LCDS Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who represents the broad community we serve and bring specialized skills and expertise to the table.

Board of Directors

Robert Tanner – Chair
Adrian Vermeiren-Vice President
John Douglas-Secretary/Treasurer
Tony Hogervorst
Tim Brown
Mary van Delft
Andrew McClintock
Helen Ollerenshaw
Kari Lupton
Tom McCallum
Breanna Thompson