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It’s “out with the old and in with the new” in the kitchen at CSD these past few weeks! The kitchen has been gutted and cleaned out, a fresh coat of paint applied and the new floor installed. The cupboards have arrived and are awaiting the new counter top and appliances to be installed. The kitchen is expected to be completed in the final week of March, with a Grand Opening on April 10th at 10am. This project was made possible with the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Petrolia Rotary, International Order of Alhambra, Algarva #168, the Carruthers Foundation and many individual donors! The impeccable work of William Standen Company, both with their innovative design and the coordination of the project, will provide an accessible, durable and functional space for teaching.

We look forward to assisting people we support to realize the opportunities and positive outcomes that this new space will provide!

Terry Chesney, who attends CSD on a regular basis for recreation, learning and social opportunities, is eagerly anticipating the completion of the kitchen. Terry enjoys cooking, baking and canning, and wishes to increase his skills and independence. He only experienced limited participation in the past due to inaccessibility of the kitchen; he required staff to complete portions of tasks for him. Features of the new kitchen such as the adjustable stovetop, lowered sink and island, sliding door fridge and touchless faucet will enable Terry to complete tasks from start to finish with physical independence. Terry is looking forward to baking cookies on his own and his friends are looking forward to eating them! This is one of many examples of how this project will enhance the lives of the people we support.

TerryPictured is Terry at the entrance of the CSD kitchen, currently off limits to everyone but contractor personnel.


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