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We hope you are all healthy and safe. Please see attached theĀ 3-April-2020 – LCDS EMT COVID-19 Stakeholder Update Memo for your immediate review.
We have received some requests for information on physical distancing, plain language document on how to self-isolate for people supported and what do and look for when a person supported refuses to participate/provide a temperature reading. Please see the following attached documents:
  • New/Revised Physical Distancing Poster from Ontario Public Health
  • How To Self-Isolate for People Supported (Plain Language Document)
  • Fever Signs & Symptoms (When Unable to Obtain a Temperature)
    • If people supported refuse, document the refusal and look for signs/symptoms of fever
Thank you all. We will get through this together. Thinking of you all!


3-April-2020 – LCDS EMT Stakeholder COVID-19 Update Memo

3-April-2020 – factsheet-covid-19-guide-physical-distancing Lambton Public Health

3-April-2020 – how-to-self-isolate – plain language document

3-April-2020 – Fever Signs and Symptoms – Refusal to Provide Temperature

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