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When we talk about quality of life, we talk about having a life that is meaningful to us. It reflects how satisfied we are with aspects of life that are important to us. It also means having the freedom to choose to do the things we wish and having a richness of opportunities to choose from. People don't just live in their environments, they participate in them; therefore, being connected to people increases a person's sense of belonging creating true citizenship. Quality of life for people with developmental disabilities consists of the same aspect of life as for all people. By examining a person's quality of life, we reduce the need to label people because it is not based on a person's abilities, but rather on the things they do as they live their own lives in their homes and communities.

People supported by LCDS have a Life Plan gathering to share their dreams, set goals and make choices about how to achieve them. The gathering is as unique as the person: it can take place in their home with only their closest family or in a restaurant and include family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, volunteers and support staff. Though the formats vary, our goal is to provide facilitation to create a life map that support staff can use to provide the best supports to help each person reach their goals and achieve their dreams.  The Life Plan gatherings are designed to put the people we support in control of their destiny - One Person at a Time.

The first step to any supports in the Developmental Services sector is contacting the DSO.


If you would like to volunteer to work with people with disabilities, click here to download our Volunteer Application Form. Once completed, email to [email protected] . If you would like to volunteer at one of our fundraising events, simply send an email to [email protected].


If you would like to become an employee of LCDS, click here to download our Pre-Employment Form. Once complete, please attach to an email, along with your resume, and send to [email protected]

LCDS has mandatory training standards for all employees and home-share providers. Regular refreshers and updates are essential for all employees. We believe that support work should be professional and customer service should be of the highest quality. All support workers are expected to follow DSW Standards of Practice and develop the seven core competencies  of the Direct Support Professional.

LCDS is an equal opportunity employer and we value the importance of diversity, dignity and worth of every individual in the workplace. LCDS offers accommodation for applicants with disabilities in its recruitment processes. If you are contacted by LCDS regarding a job opportunity, please advise prior to the interview if you require accommodation.

Current LCDS Employment Opportunities

You are welcome to submit your resume as outlined above. We frequently review the resumes that we have when hiring for Casual Support Workers. We will keep your resume on file for six months. Thank you for your interest in LCDS.

Other Opportunities to work with People

1. Home Share Service Provider

You are welcome to submit your resume for opportunities to be a Home Share Provider, contracts with families or individuals who hire their own support workers, or other opportunities that arise.

Learning & Development Opportunities for working with People with Developmental Disabilities

At LCDS we consider learning and development to be a lifelong process and encourage all employees, volunteers, families and community members to take advantage of training opportunities.  Many of these courses are offered to anyone interested for a small fee. We also provide on-site training to other organizations and businesses. For more information on the training we offer or to register for a course please contact [email protected]

Strategic Plan

Moving towards Our Vision.....

Overview of Plan - Services 

  • People living where they want and with who they want.
    • In consultation with families and other stakeholders where appropriate.
  • There are some foundation funded services.
    • Trying to meet community needs.
  • Staff  provide services to people, not programs and budgets are individualized.
  • The people we support (if desired) will own their own homes and vehicles.

Overview of Plan - Staffing

  • We have a workforce which operates independently and responsibly.
    • A self-directed staff provides higher quality services and is more responsive to the needs of persons supported.
  •  We invest in and have a more robust approach to staff development.
    • Increased educational and training opportunities for staff has a direct benefit for persons served.
  •  The structure of the organization supports and sustains quality services.
    • A structure based on the needs of people supported includes positions specific to life-planning and facilitating community integration opportunities.

Overview of Plan - Marketing

  •  We have community partnership that enhance or provide connections.
    •  Create a new brand to become a top of mind charitable organization in Lambton County in order to create new opportunities for those supported.
  •  We market and contract with outside organizations or individuals for our in house talents and skills.
    • Use internal expertise externally to sustain and enhance staff training opportunities.

Overview of Plan - Fundraising

  • We have numerous events, donors, social enterprises, competitive businesses and partnerships which provide us funding.
    • Dependent on government for 90°/o of funding. Develop new sources of revenue to decrease dependency on government funding.

Strategic Direction 2014-2016

Strategic Plan