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Our 2015 Employee Service Awards took place November 17th at Heritage Heights Golf Club in Petrolia.  It was a beautiful fall evening in which over seventy-five of our employees, their families and friends gathered to celebrate 835 years of service from forty-seven dedicated employees.   What a night we had and the stories that were told! We had fifteen employees celebrate ten years of service, fourteen employees celebrate fifteen years of service, three employees celebrate twenty years of service, eight employees celebrate twenty-five years of service, six employees celebrate thirty years of service and our first employee, Rita Paget to complete thirty-five years of service!  What a magnificent accomplishment for all!  

35 years

Rita Paget


Thirty Years

Present:  Clare Hyatt, Paul Gordan, Mary Quesnel, Stephen Strangway, Lorrie North

Absent: Beverly Cartier


Twenty-five Years


Present: Sandra Stewart, Jerry Knight, Ben Iannozzi, Valerie Vaillancourt

Absent:  Carla Alway, Carol Batson-Harse, Kim Clark

Twenty Years

Present:  Stephanie Allan

Absent:  Michelle Griffin, Karen Simpson



Fifteen Years

Present: Elizabeth Campbell, Jane Kazuk, Michelle Vansickle, Katie Joy, Donalda Kettle, Tina Smit, Lori Wilcocks, Keri White, Kelly Letourneau

Absent: April Freer, Michelle Fuoco, Kim Manning, Sharon Robinson, Brenda Wilson


Ten Years


Present:  Amanda Andriash, Danny Robertson, Mike Paget, Lindsay Fiddick,  Kevin Ireland, Rob Conrod

Absent:  Brian Aitken, Karen Barry, Sarah Duplisea, Linda Johnston, Barb Lightfoot, Angela Pettit, Patti Popelier, Sarah Thomas, Sarah Watson


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