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2015 Corporate Appreciation Day Photo 12015 Corporate Appreciation Day Photo 2

Lambton County Developmental Services (LCDS) hosted their 2015 Corporate Appreciation on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 at Victoria Playhouse. Among many businesses in attendance, LCDS honoured three in particular for their generous support in 2014. Pictured from left are: Adelle Stewardson, Manager of Fund Development, LCDS, Patsy Garside, LCDS , Dave Ferguson, Lambton Federation of Agriculture, Dave Peters, LCDS, Ron Bourque, Kel-Gor, Doug Smith, LCDS, Pam Smith, Integra and Kari Lupton, LCDS Board of Directors.

Following the presentation of the Corporate Appreciation awards, LCDS launched the celebration of their 60th Anniversary year, with the revealing of the 60th Anniversary merchandise and the announcement of the 60 for 60 Fundraising Campaign. Pictures with the Anniversary cake from the left are Kari Lupton, LCDS Board of Directors, Patsy Garside, LCDS, Dave Peters, LCDS,  Adelle Stewardson, Manager of Fund Development, LCDS, Doug Smith, LCDS, Carmel, Leveque, LCDS and Ineke MacKenzie, Chair of the Anniversary Committee, LCDS.  In 1955, a group of parents in Lambton County whose children had developmental disabilities became aware that they were all facing and struggling with the same reality – there was a gap in the education system and no structured learning environment provided for their children. These parents each dreamt of a meaningful life for their child and began meeting in each other’s living rooms and collaborating. Eventually they created the first ever school for children with disabilities in Lambton County. This grassroots movement marked the establishment of LCDS; the agency that will celebrate 60 years of service in Sarnia Lambton in 2015!  LCDS has continually evolved over the past 60 years. This evolution has been driven by the people served and their families, who are at the heart of the agency. Currently, LCDS provides support to 163 people; their needs, their choices and their dreams shape who they are and how they provide support in the community.

LCDS  invites you to consider a gift of $60 or more to Lambton County Developmental Services in 2015 in celebration of the 60 years of their work in communities across Lambton County! Their goal with the 60 for 60 Fundraising Campaign is to raise $10,000 which would mean 163 gifts of $60 or more!

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